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Meet Our Directors

Mr. James A. Samuel, Jr.Founder, President & CEO
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Mr. Mark A. LeeCo-Director, Ticket 2 Success, Inc.
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Col. Roosevelt J. Lewis, Jr. (USAF, Ret.)Chairman, U.S. Space Camp
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Who is RFF?

Our Mission
Provide initial, intermediate and advanced flight instruction and aerospace education to youth and young adults, primarily those from historically-disadvantaged backgrounds.
Our Vision
Kids of all colors in the skies of all states.
Our Core Values
RAVEN: Respect, Accountability, Veritas, Excellence, Nobility – FLIGHT: Fortitude, Leadership, Integrity, Goodness, Humility, Teamwork.
Business and Revenue Model
We are a nonprofit flight school for youth that operates on the generosity and charitable contributions of our sponsors, participating flight instructors, and partnered organizations.
Market Drivers
Our business will succeed in seeking, finding, training and encouraging the next generation of minority pilots because people of all races, colors, creeds and backgrounds share a love for aviation.  The demand to reach, train and develop youth from historically-disadvantaged backgrounds has never been greater, and the need for structured, organized and enabling mechanisms to mentor, guide and form our minority youth population is on a dramatic rise, especially in inner cities.  Additionally, the US General Aviation market is at near-historic low levels, while the demand for qualified pilots is on the rise.
Target Market
Our target market is the general youth population (12 years of age & up), primarily those with a minority or otherwise historically disadvantaged background, who desire to take to the skies and fly.
Our flight school functions in a traditional nonprofit framework, with a Board of Directors being central.  Management and personnel overhead is necessarily minimal, to keep costs as low as possible and charitable services provided as robust as possible.
National Strategy
We partner with Fixed-Base Operators at airports across the nation to provide these services for the minority youth in those areas.  These services involve every mode and type of flight training available: fixed wing, rotary wing, sailplanes/gliders, unmanned aerial vehicles, extra-atmospheric vehicles, etc.

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Kids of all colors in the skies of all states!